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It deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of teeth, dental tissues and oral mucosa.

DiagnosticsWe use the best available instrumentation. Each of our dental practitioners has a Planmeca intraoral X-ray available in the office at the suite. We use Duerr Dental's indirect digital imaging to take intraoral x-rays, which combines a large imaging area with a higher resolution and contrast range than an intraoral sensor.  

Our clinic also has a state-of-the-art VATECH Green X combined CBCT + panoramic + kephalo x-ray. This has excellent resolution with short scan times and very low radiation doses. It also has a unique endo 3D mode with a higher resolution of 49 μm.  We also use the Planmeca panoramic + kefalo X-ray and the Cranex D panoramic X-ray.

Treatment of dental caries

In the treatment of caries, we use the most modern materials and procedures both in the removal of the caries (caries detector) and in the fabrication of the future filling (modern glass ionomer and photocomposite fillings).

To ensure precise treatment, all our doctors have magnifying glasses with double illumination to reduce shadows and quality optics for adequate magnification and visibility of the treated areas.

In case of advanced damage to the tooth due to decay or trauma, endodontics comes into play, mainly treating the root canals of the affected tooth. Here we use the most modern machine cleaning of the canal using the APEX locator, and its filling with hot gutta-percha. This procedure ensures a significantly better prognosis of the treated tooth. We always apply modern local anaesthesia before potentially painful procedures, making our treatments painless.



Dentures are divided into fixed and removable. Fixed restorations address the replacement of part or all of a tooth, or multiple teeth in a dental arch. A fixed restoration of part of a tooth is called an inlay or onlay depending on the extent, the whole tooth a crown and part of the arch a bridge. Our office works with a wide range of prosthetic products, including all-ceramic fixed restorations in a variety of finishes and durability categories. We use the most advanced digital intraoral scanning technology available for impressions. This procedure increases impression accuracy and offers better opportunities to detect problem areas of preparation before the prosthesis is fabricated. It also avoids unpleasant impressioning with impression material.


We also perform basic oral surgery at our offices. More complex cases are performed by cooperating external surgeons.

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