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We focus on maximum transparency regarding available treatment options and their pricing. Therefore before making decisions on actual treatment plan, we inform our patients about available options, their prognosis, advantages & disadvantages vs. other treatment options and their costs.

We have contracts with the public insurance companies in Czech Republic, and we use to the extent possible to avoid excessive out of pocket expenditure of our patients. For example, an insured patient does not have to pay for intraoral and panoramic x-rays and regular check-ups, and also we use the insurance contributions towards prosthetics to make these more affordable. 

At our clinic, you can pay with all major credit or debit cards or in cash (we prefer that you use payment cards). If you would like to use a benefit programme provided by your employer, it is generally possible, but please consult with us via email before undergoing the treatment. 

Excerpt from our price list:

Complex examination: paid from public insurance (for insured patients)

Intraoral digital x-ray (periapical, bitewing, occlusal), Extraoral x-ray (panoramic or cephalometric): paid from public insurance (for insured patients) 



Composite resin restorations (white fillings): CZK 1300-3400

(pricing depends on area of restoration


Glass ionomer restorations: CZK 950-3550

(pricing depends on area of restoration


Cofferdam application: CZK 340

Machine root canal cleaning: CZK 1790

(price per canal, lesion removal, machine cleaning, disinfection)

Root canal sealing using liquid gutta-percha latex: CZK 970

(price per canal, using machine sealing - substantially improving prognosis)

Crowns: CZK 7306 - 10466

(depending on material)


Periodontal treatment:

First visit - approximately CZK 1250,-

Pricing of follow-up visits depend on individual treatment plan 

Dental hygiene (including air flow): 1700 Kč

(Length of treatment is individual)

Rescheduling or calceling an appointment:

If you cannot make your appointment, we kindly ask you to inform us and reschedule it minimum 2 working days prior to the appointment. In such case we are able to use the time for other patients. Compliance to our policy helps patients who seek timely treatment. It can happen that you have acute health problems even closer to the appointment, in such case we kindly ask you to present medical record of it.

You can cancel your appointment via phone on +420 731 899 009, email, or personally.

Rescheduling or canceling an appointment minimum 2 working days prior to the appointment : no charge


Rescheduling or canceling an appointment due to acute illness (even less than 2 working days prior to the appointment): no charge in case you present appropriate medical record 


Rescheduling or canceling less than 2 working days prior to the appointment, or no-show: 

  • CZK 500 / each 15 min of appointment at our doctors

  • CZK 700 / each 30 min of appointment at our dental hygiene

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